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Welcome to naturesani Private Limited

The naturesani ® no- odo ® Waterless system consists of vitreous fixtures with a patented cartridge that locks into the base of the urinal. The design of the urinal bowl and use of nonporous materials ensure that all urine passes into the cartridge. That's all there is – no flush valve assembly, no water supply hookup, and no needless waste.


Special glazed materials and enamel technology is applied on the Urinal body.


The surface of the bowl is covered with bacteria inhibiting material.

Technical Core

The basics of the Waterless and Odorless technology is based purely on Physics without any complex parts.


Installation of the system is easy and a 3 step process.

Performance/cost ratio

The unit saves upto 1.5 Lakh litres of water compared to regular units, which is used for flushing.

Appearance design of ceramic (Patent)

Humanized wide profile design enables ease of use by the users in lavatories / restrooms.

naturesani Waterless Urinal System: Fact Sheet

  • Saves up to 1.5 Lac litres of water per urinal per year
  • Safe, durable and low odour performance
  • Innovative technology driven cartridge for best sealing, flow and anti-odour performance
  • Eco-friendly product with significant reduction in environmental footprint
  • Touch-free technology eliminates the spread of microbes
  • Easy to install non-porous ceramic bowl reduces odour and makes maintenance and cleaning easy
  • The urinal system that requires low maintenance and needs only once a day cleaning

India shows the predominance of water based urinal systems that require three to five litres of water per flush, which means substantial wastage of water. Innovative waterless urinal systems designed and developed on indigenous technology help to save water, minimize odor and improve hygiene and sanitation.

naturesani ® manufactures high quality odourless, waterless and chemical-free urinal systems. Our waterless urinal systems are designed and developed using indigenous technology and adhere to Make in India standards. The high quality and low maintenance ceramic bowl and indigenous technology driven cartridge makes our waterless urinal systems high performing and remarkably cost-effective assets.

naturesani ® no- odo ® waterless urinal system provides a unique air-lock system, which does not allow urine to get in contact with air or oxygen. Absence of water inhibits bacteria and does not allow chemical synthesis of urea present in urine and releasing ammonia as seen in conventional water flushed urinals. The urinal system that requires low maintenance needs only once a day of cleaning.

*CIPET Certification: The design, plastics testing and quality assurance of our waterless urinal system are certified by CIPET, Guwahati, India. The Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET) is an autonomous institute under the department of chemicals and petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India.


Since naturesani ® no- odo ® Urinals are waterless, absence of water does not allow chemical synthesis of urea present in urine that happens in conventional water flushed...

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Low Maintenance Cost

Since naturesani ® no- odo ® Urinals are waterless, it save huge amount of water along with many water related expenses like thousands of Kwh of electricity, plumbing, piping etc..

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Health & Hygiene

naturesani ® no- odo ® urinals does not have flush rims to facilitate flow of water so there are no hidden wet areas for bacteria to breed and at the same time no water no pathogens.

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