Hydrophobic :The bowl of naturesani® no-odo® waterless urinal system is ‘Hydrophobic’. Inspired from a lotus leaf, the bowl is made out of special ceramic material. The water absorption of the ceramic surface is as low as 0.04% as compared to national average of 0.5%. The enamel coating of the bowl passes through 12,500 degree C, making its surface denser than other materials.

Microbial repellent :The surface of the bowl is made up of microbe repelling material. It not only suppresses bacterial infestations but also eliminates odour, stains and scales generated by bacteria. The surface of the bowl which is coated with silver class anti-soil and anti-bacterial technology inhibits the growth of microbes such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia coli, among others.

4th Generation Cartridge :The cartridge is the key element of naturesani® no-odo® waterless urinal system. Made of high grade plastic (ABS and Silicon), the cartridge can withstand temperatures between -10 degrees to 70 degrees. It is hydrophobic and resists acid and alkali corrosion. With the effect of unidirectional flow and automatic self-lock mechanical hinge technology, the urine passes through the silicon rubber trap which closes itself through self-pressure. This helps keep the odour out. The cartridge is completely airtight, so inhibits any insect infestation.

No water : Ceramic technology has the hydrophobic lotus effect. The water absorption of the ceramic surface is as low as 0.04% as compared to national average of 0.5%.

Less Microbes : The bacteria repellent material on the surface of the ceramic bowl suppresses all microbial infestations. The silver nano-meter class anti-soil and bacterial proof technology inhibits the growth of microbes such as staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

No bad odour : The waterless urinal system does not use water and prevents odour, which greatly reduces transmission of infectious diseases and improves the quality of air in the washroom. Beneficially, the cartridge at the base of the ceramic bowl has a replaceable cake with anti-odour and anti-microbial properties.

No pipe bends : The waterless urinal system does away with water supply devices and pipe bends. The urinal is connected to the drainage in a sealed condition. This also helps make the cleaning process faster and convenient.

Easy cleaning : The cleaning and maintenance of the waterless urinal system is very easy and simple. It involves low costs and effort required, unlike the water flush urinals. However, as per individual choice, even the toilet cleaners / cleaning liquids can also be used. Our urinal system requires low maintenance with only once a day cleaning.

Environment friendly : The waterless urinal is completely environment friendly. The savings on water are huge and phenomenal – Almost to the tune of 1.5 Lakh litres of water per year.

Uniqueness of naturesani® no-odo® Waterless Urinal Systems:

Contrary to our belief, urine does not have any odour. Without water, it takes 7 hours to oxidize and breed bacteria to give out foul smell. However, when mixed with water it takes only 10 to 12 minutes for the bacteria to breed and give out fumes of ammonia and foul smell.

Urinal systems that come with sensors are known to malfunction within 6 to 8 months. As per the feedback from users they are required to be changed every 12 to 16 months. In addition, the presence of water in washrooms and toilets cause wet, dirty, and foul odour conditions. As water breeds bacteria, hygiene in washrooms is a major challenge. Water induces scaling so repairs and replacement of traps is required.

Since naturesani® no-odo® waterless urinal system uses no water; there will be no odour and no requirement for deodorizing sticks / naphthalene balls. There are lower costs of maintenance as the cost of water usage for flushing and cleaning is saved. Also, the cost of transporting the water to overhead tanks and to urinals is also saved (1000’s of KWs).

The cost of detergents & cleaning liquids, the cost of inlet piping in case of new installations, and the cost of valve cocks are also saved. Since the waterless urinal system is cleaned only once a day, the man power savings are phenomenal. naturesani® is a Waterless System which raises the aesthetic value of any and all bathrooms of mass usage areas. naturesani® is a remarkable feature of any Green Building which comes with aesthetic looks, simple functioning and extremely low maintenance.