About Us

Welcome to naturesani®

naturesani Private Limited specializes in the research and development of innovative sanitary solutions. Based in Hyderabad, naturesani's work towards developing environment friendly and human centered designs are based on deep research and authenticated approach methods. After three years of focused research and development, naturesani introduced the first of its kind and in India the first of its kind and 'Made in India’ waterless and odourless urinal system. It not only saves water but also makes the restroom maintenance highly cost-effective.

Our naturesani® no-odo® Waterless Urinal System is ( PATENT PENDING )

naturesani® no-odo® waterless urinal system realizes the green building concept with its eco-friendly nature, aesthetic looks, simple functioning and extremely low maintenance. Our objective to 'Save Water and Save Earth' is realized by our innovative, smart and 4th generation waterless urinal system.

Through a simple installation process and low cost of maintenance, our waterless urinal system offers considerable savings on energy, water and maintenance process.

naturesani® no-odo® waterless urinal system finds ready use in hostels, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, bus & railway stations, army and police stations, airports and all public places.


To design and develop best-in-the-class, aesthetic and environment friendly building materials.


To save water and save earth by leveraging on smart and innovative technologies in order to realize the green building concept that focuses on developing eco-friendly nature, aesthetic looks, simple functioning, low maintenance and next generation products.

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